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About Our Music

All tracks are recorded in 24-bit audio, mastered as 24-bit aiff files and converted to 128kbps mp3 for download. This mp3 encoding level is generally considered as 'near CD' quality.

We do not 'hot master'. That is, unlike some genres of contemporary music, we do not ramp up the audio compression simply to make a track sound louder. We are dead against the habit of reducing the dynamic range of music by applying excessive "brickwall" limiting.

Tracks with drums are mastered to -0.1db gain. Quieter tracks, generally without drums, are mastered to about -4db.

We compose, perform, record and mix all our own material. We like our music to have a natural, not synthetic, feel so we use loads of acoustic instruments: guitars, basses and percussion instruments.

Our preferred computer gear/DAW are Apple iMacs running Logic Pro, with sample libraries/instruments including Native Instruments, EastWest and Garritan Personal Orchestra. We get instrument samples from all over - but want to give a particular mention to the terrific stuff from http://www.petethomas.co.uk/. He sells them for charity which is particularly cool.