purple planet royalty free music

Our extended Royalty-Free collection of background music for commercial use including film, TV broadcast or music video production from Purple Planet Music. Our music can also be used for use on websites, apps, youtube videos and many more media projects.


Royalty-free-backgound-music.co.uk contains our extended collection of music. Licensing is available for a variety of uses, and is invariably covered by two licence options. Pieces are timed at between 30 and 90 seconds. Purchasers are welcome to edit pieces in any way they wish to fit a project.

Our standard $8 iicence covers virtually all uses, except broadcast and mass duplication. These include online video sharing sites, personal or business websites and blogs, integration into sold for-profit products such as apps and games, and integration into product runs of fewer than 5,000 copies.

Our broadcast licence at $40 covers all broadcast applications and public performances. This one-off payment grants the purchaser broadcast rights forever and guaratees that no future royalties are payable. Also, the broadcaster need not file a cue sheet for pieces licensed with us. None of the pieces are listed with any Performing Rights Society anywhere in the world. The $40 licence also permits music to be incorporated into another product for mass-distributiion of 5,000+ physical copies or downloads.