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Content ID Claims

Just a note to users to not panic over Content ID claims on youtube, of which there are tonnes at the moment.


Firstly, please ensure that you have placed the credit in the description of your video in this exact form




Any variation at all in the wording could result in it not being picked up.


If the third-party is listed as 'Adrev', the quickest way to get them cleared is to go to this URL:


and after inserting the URL of your video, paste the following into the message box:


"Licensed under Creative Commons 3.0 from Purple Planet Music :"


Virtually all claims where we are credited correctly will be lifted in 24 hours. If your channel is monetized, you will not lose any revenue in the meantime. It does not matter if the track you are using is no longer on our website; all tracks that have ever been available on our website are covered by a Creative Commons Licence.


If you hold a paid, written licence, please upload to them via the 'Select a File' tab.


If, following this, the claim is not lifted, you can email us at and we'll take a look.


If the 3rd party is not adrev, please appeal it and also let us know.