p u r p l e  p l a n e t

m u s i c

The honey hunt accelerates! Skittering woodwind melodies over manically plucked strings accentuate the chase.

Tempo: 165bpm

Bouncy harpsichord melody and sweeping strings over energetic backing pay homage to cheesy 70s Italian comedy music. Tempo: 90bpm

Yee-ha! Pistol-packin' outlaw guitars gallop over a

fast backwoods  beat, relaxing only for a slide guitar interlude. Tempo: 160bpm



A cornucopia of craftily comedic compositions


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Feline adventures are described by playful pizzicato strings which periodically screech to a halt. Vibraphone middle section. Tempo: 130bpm

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Ridiculous, circus-styled loonery with silly tuba, comic boings, pratfalls and various gastric effects rendered in glorious stereo. Tempo: 150bpm

Wakey, wakey! A light, snoozy

intro leads to a progressively more trancy 'get up and go' feel as the coffee kicks in. Tempo: 160bpm

Let the magic come alive!

Happy, quirky xylophone melody over pizzicato strings - ideal for cartoon or childrens themes.

Tempo: 100bpm

An enchanting Christmas track featuring festive bells and strings, creating a sense of magic, excitement and wonder.

Tempo: 170bpm.

A vibrant 1950's pastiche,

featuring stylish saxophone

and cool electric guitar

melodies over a peppy beat.

Tempo: 120bpm


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