p u r p l e  p l a n e t

m u s i c


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Fairground organ, harpsichord

and dancing strings describe an

old-time carnival scene.

Tempo: 120bpm

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Ridiculous, circus-styled loonery with silly tuba, comic boings, pratfalls and various gastric effects rendered in glorious stereo. Tempo: 150bpm

Zany retro instruments create

an uplifting world of fun and excitement, featuring

handclaps and upbeat drums.

Tempo: 130bpm

70s-style TV theme presents a promenading wobbly character. Retro synth and organ stand out from the instrumental morass. Tempo: 135bpm.

Playful melody over a bright

and joyful array of uplifting instrumentation - perfect

for running around!

Tempo: 170bpm.

Retro keyboards and electronics create an old school style melody useful for video and graphics projects. Tempo: 120bpm.

Perky pizzicato melody bounces

over staccato piano chords,

making you want to run & play! Tempo: 120bpm.

The honey hunt accelerates! Skittering woodwind melodies over manically plucked strings accentuate the chase.

Tempo: 165bpm

The circus clown act is accompanied by comical tuba, harpsichord and percussion

and a lighthearted melody.

Tempo: 105bpm.

A cornucopia of craftily comedic compositions


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