p u r p l e  p l a n e t

m u s i c

Defeated-sounding 12-bar blues with full band, including soulful organ and Knopfleresque guitar flourishes. Tempo: 77bpm

Cool urban feel evoked by electric piano chords, strings

and guitar stabs.

Tempo: 135bpm


Mellotron flute swirls around a syncopated electric piano over a busy beat suggesting clockwork, motion, time or movement. Tempo: 120bpm


Mega-heavy trance beat

and earth-shattering bass are overlaid by various dope synth parts. Tempo: 130bpm



Groovy Backgrounds

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Earth-shaking dub reggae bass, hard-hitting drums and choppy rhythm guitar make you beat your feet. Tempo: 95bpm

Funky double bass and drums, smooth jazzy guitar chords and organ stabs underpin a smokin' vibe riff. Tempo: 170bpm.

Futuristic synths and skeletal beat sprinkled with funky electric guitar riffs suggest cool transitions or movement.

Tempo: 150bpm.

Staccato repeated theme, cosmic keys and electronic elements create a scientific atmosphere. Tempo: 110bpm


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Cool slivers of acoustic guitar

and piano crystallise over a

smooth groove featuring busy

bass and breezy synth pads.

Tempo: 120bpm

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