p u r p l e  p l a n e t

m u s i c

Weighty drums and bass

provide rock-solid foundation

for organ and guitar riffage.

Tempo: 105bpm

Repeating chord sequence

with organ, pulsating bass

and hard-hitting drums.

Guitars join the fray later!

Tempo: 120bpm

Heavy Backgrounds

Lots of mass in these varied

yet weighty pieces

Crunching rhythm guitars

play a typical thrash riff over thunderous drums and bass.

Tempo: 110bpm

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Powerful electric guitar riffs over grinding bass and hard driving drum beat creates an intense race again time.

Tempo: 130bpm

Dissonant, repetitive synth melody vies with unpleasant scraping effects over a pounding electro beat. Tempo: 120bpm

Arrow white large

Acoustic guitar intro gives way to

thundering electric riff with pulsating bass and drums.

Tempo: 142bpm

Driving track featuring thudding rthythm and Fender Rhodes underpinning barely controlled slide and lead  guitars.

Tempo: 84bpm

Long metallic sweeps and other effects over a dark, dense ambient background descend into the depths. Tempo: 100bpm.

The creaking hulk moves

slowly through the mist.

Tempo: 110bpm.


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