p u r p l e  p l a n e t

m u s i c

A forlorn bass picks its way through an oppressive atmosphere reeking of  abhorrent sound effects. Tempo: 120bpm.

Neglected industrial machinery creaks into life, an abhorrent presence approaches ...

Tempo: 120bpm.

Nervy, sparse cello melody creates a sense of foreboding with a gradual descent into deep trouble. Tempo: 120bpm.

Creaky wooden sound effects are interspersed with bangs, knocks and shimmers – chilling! Tempo: 100bpm.

Disembodied voices cry for help in a barren wasteland, while the wind disturbs wind chimes. Tempo: 120bpm.

Subterranean synth bed underscores a disagreeable cluster of sound effects and dolorous melodic fragments. Tempo: 80bpm.

Horror Backgrounds

Gruesome backdrops for

horrific happenings

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Deep distant pounding effects punctuate an eerie soundscape which gradually builds to an unpleasant climax.

Tempo: 100bpm.

Distressing metallic scrapes

and percussive paranoia set

your hair on end.

Tempo: 120bpm.

Distant metal knocks with reoccuring drones suggest something dangerous waiting ahead.

Tempo: 100bpm.

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