p u r p l e  p l a n e t

m u s i c

Inspired by the Jazz Age, 1920s piano riff punctuated by saxophone breaks evokes speakeasy scenes.

Tempo: 130bpm

Hip yet slightly trad jazz sounds from a cool cat combo including clarinet lead, vibes and guitar,

Tempo: 110bpm

On your way to a new town, listening to a strolling jazzy piano riff with saxophone melody. Tempo: 170bpm

Smooth trumpet and stone cold vibes relax by the pool, accompanied by a chilled-out jazz groove.

Tempo: 120bpm

Smoky jazz club atmosphere. Laid-back piano with sax and interjections by organ and jazz guitar. Tempo: 120bpm


Straight from the fridge! For cool cats …

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Playful jazz guitar and

woodwind melodies dance

over an energetic Bossa Nova beat. See ya later alligator!

Tempo: 150bpm.

Highly relaxed vibe featuring guitar and marimba tunes over

a cool jazz band backing.

Tempo: 120bpm

Syncopated 5/4 jazz shuffle featuring melancholic clarinet riffs,organ and piano evokes dusty cityscape Tempo: 90bpm

Screen Shot 2016-10-07 at 11.03.42

Toe-tappin' jazz jaunt where frisky guitar and clarinet riff alternates with peppy piano and animated accordion melodies. Tempo: 135bpm

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