p u r p l e  p l a n e t

m u s i c

You may purchase a PDF template in order to create a personalized licence.  This is valid for up to 5 tracks in any project, costing $8.










Upon purchase you will receive an email containing  a download link for the  signed PDF document which you fill in yourself. To fill the licence in you must open it in a PDF Reader such as Adobe Reader and simply click in the empty boxes and fill them in.


You simply have to fill in:


-Your name

-Your project name (this could also be a URL)

-The date

-The names of the pieces you are using.


You can then save the PDF licence by hitting 'Print' and 'Save as PDF' on your computer. This document can then be forwarded to any third party that needs proof of licensing. You do not need to send us a copy.



When will I need a licence?


The circumstances in which you may need a licence include:


-Integrating our music within a game or app where a distributor, such as' googleplay', will need to see proof of licensing.


-You have created a product for someone and have no control over how it is distributed.


-Integrating our music within an audiobook that you sell, for example on amazon, via a third-party.


-Publicly playing our music as part of a performance.


-Broadcast on radio/TV

(We ask that you get our permission if you intend to use our music for TV broadcast, giving

details of the usage. This is simply so we can ensure that there are no third-party issues. This can particularly arise with material

that is used for 'funny' video' clip shows.)



For involved licensing queries please contact us


















How to purchase a licence for our free download collection