p u r p l e  p l a n e t

m u s i c

Languid synth washes drift around laid-back slide guitar flourishes. Tempo: 105bpm

Breathy flute melody

runs like the wind over

mountain heather.

Tempo: 120bpm

Occasional notes emerge

from a synth labyrinth.

Tempo: 90bpm

The stillness of space is evoked by long chords and  languid electric piano, punctuated by guitar licks. Tempo: 95bpm

Light Backgrounds

An assemblage of ambient, airy and sunny pieces

Restful electric piano and

guitar chords are augmented

by luscious synth harmonies. Tempo: 95bpm

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If you like our free light backgrounds we have Long Ambient pieces for commercial licences here

ambient music Arrow white large

Sensual piano arpeggios backed with calm, relaxing strings and flute create an evocative mood. Tempo: 100bpm.

Cool beats and laid-back bass guitar surrounded by warm guitar and synth washes make you float away. Tempo: 100bpm

A nautical feel is generated by sparse beat and airy synth pads, and  guitars and percussion echoing round the sound field. Tempo: 110bpm.

A stylish, chilled out vibe

featuring melodic bass,

picked electric guitar and

distant zonal ambient washes.

Tempo: 130bpm


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