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After a subdued corporate start,

this track bursts into life as you

are suddenly inspired with an

avalanche of ideas - lightbulb

oment! Tempo: 110bpm

Quiet passages featuring piano

chords and guitar harmonics

alternate with soaring synth melodies

over a rock backing - a motivation explosion! Tempo: 110bpm.

Escapist, perhaps oceanic, soundscape with hints of trials, tribulations and ultimate triumph, but not before much heartache, tears and energy boosting snack bars. Tempo: 142bpm

Electric guitar and rising symphonic strings over a strident beat create an inspiring melody designed for winning or success. Tempo: 130bpm


Electric guitar riff over stop-start beat builds up energy which is released in an epic chorus featuring massive synths and guitar histrionics. Tempo: 120bpm


A motivational track implying

sporting success or achieving dreams. Very useful for corporate projects

looking to convey positivity.

Tempo: 120bpm

Next corporate takeover is stroll in the park. Just fire up the iPad in you shared workpod, collect a skinny latte and synergise your plan. And don’t forget that content is king and empowerment is everything Tempo: 70bpm

Happy tunes to make you feel great!


Man the ramparts. Full-bloodied orchestral romp hints at some glorious battle with dark forces/personal demons. Features refreshment break at halfway stage before combat recommences. Tempo: 100bpm

Uplifting, yearning guitars and

bass riff soar over a sea of synths

and decisive drums, energising

you to achieve your goals.

Tempo: 120bpm.

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