p u r p l e  p l a n e t

m u s i c

Repeated vibraphone riff is subsumed into a groaning pit of despair, as the banshee wails. Tempo: 80bpm.

High-pitched eerie melody accompanied by glockenspiel makes its way through the miasma. Tempo: 130bpm.

Creepy piano arpeggios

and chords with occasional percussive hits evoke an

eerie atmosphere.

Tempo: 100bpm

A huge jackhammer

repeatedly slams into the

ground as a distant

mournful guitar wails.

Tempo: 120bpm.

Dangerous, deep

piano arpeggios are

discerned through the murk. Tempo: 80bpm.

Droning double bass

punctuated by hammering creates a sense of danger. Tempo: 70bpm.

Mysterious Backgrounds

An array of abstruse


Agitated, scratching string sounds suggest being attacked by a swarm of insects.

Tempo: 140bpm.

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A ghostly female choir

chants over a sinister backing including unsettling strings.

Tempo: 120bpm.

Skeletal harpsichord plays a spectral melody augmented by percussion hits, while the wind blows over the desolate landscape. Tempo: 115bpm.

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