p u r p l e  p l a n e t

m u s i c

As the outbreak spreads the music surrounding the repetitive 6-note melody increases in intensity to reach a thundering rock climax. Tempo: 120bpm

Spectral synths, cavernous percussion and ghostly guitars over electric piano riff chart the course of a journey into the unknown. Tempo: 110bpm

Deep, pounding beat backs ominous bass riff and nervy background vocals to create tense, approaching fear. Tempo:110bpm

Twisted, droning melodies over legato strings and languorous bass and drums suggest a mood of apprehensive melancholy. Tempo: 110bpm


A strange fate awaits in the swirling mist - will you enter...??


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Dark David Lynch-style jazz featuring walking bass and saxophone contortions over spectral swirling sound effects. Tempo: 100bpm

A synth snake slithers slowly over a skeletal two-chord house beat. Sinister yet melancholy  string chords anticipate your final moments.  Tempo: 120bpm

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Deep, foreboding atmosphere

underscores mysterious instrumental phrases on harpsichord, slide guitar

and doom-laden horns.

Tempo: 120bpm

Eerie sci-fi retro effects backed with freaky electronic chords creates a mysterious sense of alien attack. Tempo 120bpm

Mystical elvish voices swirl around enchanting melodies played on traditional  acoustic instruments. Tempo: 100bpm


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