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Electric guitar riff over stop-start beat builds up energy which is released in an epic chorus featuring massive synths and guitar histrionics. Tempo: 120bpm

Powerful electric guitar riffs over grinding bass and hard driving drum beat creates an intense race again time.

Tempo: 130bpm

Hard-hitting rock riff on crunching guitars, interspersed with frenetically fast lead guitar breaks and aggressive drums. Tempo: 90bpm

Crunching rhythm guitars

play a typical thrash riff over thunderous drums and bass.

Tempo: 110bpm

Thunderous bass and drums form the backbone to a guitar maelstrom.  Repeated punk-style riffs can be discerned.

Tempo: 139bpm

Ominous solo guitar leads into heavy-duty thrash

metal riffage. Breakdown introduces short period of reflection. Tempo: 110bpm

Weighty riff leads into e-bow led main section. Breakdown features tasty lead guitar licks. Track descends into chaos at end. Tempo: 151bpm

Weighty drums and bass

provide rock-solid foundation

for organ and guitar riffage.

Tempo: 105bpm

Driving track featuring thudding rthythm and Fender Rhodes underpinning barely controlled slide and lead  guitars.

Tempo: 84bpm

Thrash metal with grinding guitar riffs,  relentless drums and insane lead. Breakdown

is slower - but not for long. Tempo: 100bpm

Acoustic guitar intro gives way to

thundering electric riff with pulsating bass and drums.

Tempo: 142bpm

Crowd-pleasing guitar riff and soaring lead breaks feature in this stadium rock staple. Get your lighters out! Tempo: 195bpm.

... and a hard place


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