p u r p l e  p l a n e t

m u s i c


Skeletal synth pads and

broken string and piano

phrases suggest a dark

presence getting closer.

Tempo: 100bpm.

Dark acts are suggested by heavy staccato cello and an array of bizarre scratches, whistles, bumps and grinds. Tempo: 95bpm.

Skeletal harpsichord plays a spectral melody augmented by percussion hits, while the wind blows over the desolate landscape. Tempo: 115bpm.

The tension mounts as a

lo-fi piano arpeggiates over

a rhythmic background increasing in intensity.

Tempo: 110bpm.

Tense Backgrounds

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Questioning harp arpeggios interspersed with building string passages. Percussion and tremolo strings add tension.

Tempo: 80bpm.


A threatening atmosphere

of approaching catastrophe is amplified by rumbling toms. Tempo: 100bpm.

Anxious, nervous, in a cold sweat?

These edgy tracks are for you

Discordant strings with percussive bursts and

lingering bells suggest close sense of threat or horrific fear. Tempo: 60bpm.

Shimmering unwinding strings with sudden dissonant piano chords and percussive hits make your hair stand on end.

Tempo: 80bpm.

Arrow white large

Serious brass and nervy bass are backed with edgy string instrumentation suggesting a state of panic or escape.  Tempo: 140bpm


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