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Using our Music

All of the music in our free section (available at the links to the right) can be used for just about any project where music is needed - this could be your website, blog or a sharing site such as youtube, vimeo etc.

We simply ask that you add a link in the text to your video that credits us as:

Music: http://www.purple-planet.com

Please don't forget the 'http:// 'part as it creates a clickable link.

If you are a member of the youtube partner programme, it's fine to use our music. If you credit us, youtube will know the music is licenced correctly.

Increasingly, youtube are very hot on copyright infringment. If you don't credit us on youtube, that's fine, though you will probably be sent a copyright ID match. If you simply ackowledge this, ads may run on your video for which we receive a share. This is not the same as a 'copyright strike' and your account status is not affected.

This does not apply to other sites. if you put a video using our music on your own blog or website, there is no chance of it being content ID matched.

Situations requiring a paid-for licence

Pre-formatted licences can be automatically purchased and the details filled in by you, the user. These cost $8 for up to five separate tracks and are valid on a 'per-project' basis.

You will need a licence if a third party, ie a distributor, asks for one.

For example:

-Integrating our music within a game or app. A distributor, such as' google play',
will need to see proof of licensing.

-You have created a product for someone and have no control over how it is distibuted.

-Integrating our product within an audiobook that you sell, for example on amazon.

-Publicly playing our music where the venue owners need proof of licensing.

-Broadcast on radio/TV where the station requires proof of licensing.

Licensing terms and copyright

All the music on the site is licensed under the terms of a Creative Commons Attribution License 3.0. Click here for the overview and here for the full terms (or click "the Legal Code (the full license)" link at the foot of the overview page).

You are welcome to change a piece’s length or edit it in any way you wish to fit your project. However, the copyright to all our music always remains with us, purple-planet.com, regardless of what type of licence it is used under. We wrote and performed the music; there are no potential copyright issues with anyone else if you use this music. We don't need to know what you have used our music for, but we are interested in your work and will take a look if it’s online. Please send us a link!

You can't say that anyone else owns our music, or the rights to use it, other than us – purple-planet.com. You can't make it available for download or tell others that they can do so. You can't resell it or redistribute it in any form aside from its part in your production.