Frequently asked questions

Is Purple Planet Music a subscription site?

No we do not have any subsciptions.

How do I credit purple planet music / What is crediting?

A credit is where you state our URL:

You can usually put it in the description area of the site you are uploading to

By doing this, you are declaring that you have our permission to use the track for free.

Can I use music in my Vlog?

Yes! You must credit us if you are using the free download. Alternatively you do not need to credit if you have a licence.

How to Download and find your track on your system

Your downloaded track will ultimately depend on what browser you are using. Below are some instructions for various download locations where you should be able to find your track. Please note this does not apply to smart phones or tablets.

Downloading files and finding where they are on your computer:

Google Chrome:

Downloads usually appear inside your browser at the bottom left of the page


Downloads will be at the top right of the page, usually a small down arrow will show the download


Downloads usually appear inside your browser at the bottom left of the page

Where is the Download:

The actual location of the download will depend how your system is configured, but generally by default Apple and Windows always download files into the "Download" folder on your computer. If your downloads aren't going into your Downloads folder then they are going somewhere else. The best way to find the file download is to search for it on your computer by the name of the track and then right clicking it and choosing "open file location"

to search for the file on a mac use Spotlight at the top right of your mac menu or for windows use "type here to search" at the bottom left of the taskbar

Spotlight tips:

Windows Search tips:

Wrong Licence and/or track after purchase

If you purchased a track and the licence or track emailed to you was wrong, please email us at and we will send you correct files. This rarely happens and apologize for any inconvenience and will get the correct file to you asap.

Can I view the site on a mobile Device?

Mobile: Yes in Desktop Mode
Tablet or iPad: Yes

For best experience, we do not recommend browsing our website via smart phone as the pages are not configured yet to universally display on smartphones, but tablets and iPads are 100% compatible. It is possible on a smart phone if you set your mobile browser settings to "Desktop Mode" which will display the site exactly as it would on a laptop or computer. Please remember to switch your phone back out of desktop mode after doing this to ensure your phone settings are back as they were.

Can I download a track on a Tablet or iPad?

Android: Yes, the file will usually be found in the "files" app or "File Manager" Apple: Unfortunately the answer keeps changing all the time. Previously Apple only allows music downloads (even from a website like ours) to be download via iTunes, but we found a while ago that if you download the track from our site and save the file to iCloud Drive you should be able to use the track on your device without having to go through the iTunes route.

Using the site's search bar

Our search only requires one word for searches so please don't use sentences such as: music for my vlog or motivational advertisement intro Use one word keywords such as; happy inspirational corporate cat playful relaxing cute joyful horror

If I purchase a licence, is it a one off fee?

Yes, just a one-time initial purchase - not a subscription. The licence is valid forever and across multiple projects.

I would like to offer a selection of your music for clients to choose from within an application. Is this possible?

It is not permitted under our current licences as it is classed as redistribution. However we have set playlists suitable for your purposes. The minimum order is 50 tracks at a cost of $40 each ($2000), with tiered discounts for larger orders. Please contact us for details.

Do you do commissions/score films?

We are currently not doing commissions, as we are concentrating on stock music. However, we are able to do small edits to existing pieces for a small fee.

an I put videos on youtube promoting your music i.e. Free music for youtubers

No, our music is only to be used for your own projects where you add your own unique elements of visuals

Can I use your music on other platforms such as Twitch?

Yes, if you give us a credit in the text accompanying your stream, that’s fine

Can I make a one-off donation?

Yes, please! Our beach breakfast fund always needs topping up. Please send via PayPal to, thanks

I would like to use your music in my podcast, but don’t know how to credit you.

If you are able to credit us in the text of your podcast description, please do so. If you can’t, our standard $8 licence covers you for any number of plays in episodes.

Can I use your music on youtube even if my channel is obviously commercial - i.e. promoting Real Eastate?

Yes, if you credit us in the text description of your video, all is cool.

Can I use your music on youtube if my channel is monetised?

Yes, if you credit us in the text description of your video, all is cool.

Do I need to register to download/purchase?


Are my credit card/personal details safe?

We use ’Stripe’ as our payment processor for cards and Paypal. We can only see the last four digits of your card number and the address you are registered to with you card provider.

In which country are you based?

We are registered in the United Kingdom

Are you pieces registered to a Performing Rights Society? Is there any chance anyone will ask my for royalties?

No, our pieces are not registered with any PRO anywhere in the World. We have 100% ownership of the copyright and you can never legitimately be asked to pay future royalties.

Do you accept composer subscriptions?

No, sorry, we're a private site with no external contributors as we have to control 100% of rights for clients.

What format are your downloads?

The free files are 192kbs mp3s. Licence purchasers receive the high-quality wav file.

How do I buy a Licence?

Licence purchase buttons can be found to the right of each track "Licence Purchase" or if you are using search facility the "Download or Purchase Licence" button is at the bottom right of each player in the search results. If you are on a mobile phone, the website will not show the licence purchase buttons. We recommend to use a desktop, laptop or tablet to navigate the site.

If you cannot find the answer to your query above please fill out the form below to contact us

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