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Free Collection of Royalty Free Music available for immediate download, composed and performed by Geoff Harvey and Chris Martyn



All the music in the right-hand categories can be used free of charge for web-based projects e.g. YouTube, your website, blog, social media, education etc. Simply credit us with  the wording "Music: http://www.purple-planet.com"


Commercial usage is fine, e.g. for integration into apps that you sell. If you are unable to credit us online, or a third-party (e.g. googleplay, amazon) requires proof of licensing, you can purchase a written licence - just $8 for up to five tracks.


If you like our free tracks, please consider purchasing from our large additional catalogue of background music and horror pieces.


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Site Update 19th June 2014:


Welcome to our new look site, we now have unlimited download capacity!


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Ghostly strings and spooky ambient effects punctuate skeletal bass and piano riffs. Pounding drums increase the terror. Tempo: 100bpm

The ranks of the Heavy Brigade manoeuvre to massively heavy tom toms and forbidding horns and strings. Builds to a final explosion! Tempo: 100bpm

Minimalist plucked melody over lush synth pad evokes rainfall on calm lake. Building choir underlines the majesty of the scene. Tempo: 70bpm

Ecstatic house track featuring krakatoa kick, bangin' beats, bulging bass and trance-y tunes. Sick! Tempo: 130bpm

A tranquil, slightly wistful mood is evoked by ethereal choir and sitar over a languid beat against which synth washes tremble. Tempo: 105bpm

Slow orchestral build up, suggest royalty or throne room.

Nefarious activities in a sleazy club are soundtracked by caterwauling guitars over a punishing beat. Tempo: 120bpm

Tribesmen sing and dance to joyous flute and guitar melodies, accompanied by indigenous percussion instruments. Tempo: 180bpm

We  have upgraded our site to improve the players and get more download capacity - but don't worry if you were in the middle of a project - the previous site is here in its entirety.





All the music on this site can be downloaded instantly and used free of charge for web-based projects e.g. YouTube, in exchange for a link to our site.


Commercial usage licences are available at just $8 for up to five tracks.



As part of the upgrade we carefully examined all our tracks  - this new site contains the cream of the crop from the old site, plus much new stuff! Licensing terms are unchanged.

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