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About us

Purple Planet Music works out of Manchester and Leeds, England. Geoff Harvey and Chris Martyn compose, perform, record, produce and mix all Purple Planet material. Matt Dingle is Studio Manager. 


We like our music to have a natural feel so we use loads of real instruments such as guitars, basses and percussion instruments. In addition to these we use a wide range of software instruments and sample collections.  We can pretty much create anything! 


We use iMacs running Logic music production software. All our tracks are recorded in 24-bit audio, mastered as 16-bit wav

files  converted to 192kbps mp3 for our free downloads. This mp3 encoding level is generally considered as 'near CD' quality, and is best for YouTube and apps. Full-quality 16-bit wav files are available if a licence is purchased. 


Tracks with drums are mastered to -0.1db gain. Quieter tracks, generally without drums, are mastered to about -4db.


We do not 'hot master'; unlike some genres of contemporary music, we do not apply excessive "brickwall" limiting to make a track sound louder. This reduces the dynamic range and is hard on the ears. We want our music to be a pleasure to listen to! 

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