Using our Free music

Tracks can be downloaded by clicking the right hand ‘Download’ tab next to each track in the category pages or by clicking the ‘Download or Purchase Licence’ next to entries in your search results.


We simply ask that you credit us as follows:


If you upload to YouTube, please add our credit precisely as above in the text describing your video. It is very important that it is in this form with no variation, as software picks it up and you will be ok for copyright.

On all other platforms, the style of the credit is not so vital. 

You are welcome to change a piece’s length or edit it in any way you wish to fit your project, as long as we are credited.

192kbps MP3 Download


No Licence

Medium quality MP3
- attribution required

Standard Licence


Standard Licence
High Quality WAV
- no attribution required


Standard Licence
High Quality WAV
- no attribution required

Broadcast Licence

Youtube film (or similar sharing site), including monetized channels. Facebook and other social media, your website, vlog, podcast, Educational Use. Films you distribute yourself online and Film festivals.

Synchronize our music to your gameplay or Apps to sell via any medium. Integrated into physical products such as DVDs.

Played as background music in a location, such as a bar, spa facility, therapy room, tourist attraction. Integrated into a product that can be downloaded by clients, for example a meditation guide. 

One Location

Unlimited Locations

Integrated into a product that you design for a client, for example an app or website. Single Local Broadcast or advertisement with viewership under 1 million.   

Worldwide broadcast or advertising on TV, radio, on unlimited occasions. Integration into film with unlimited international distribution. Personalized licence production and support.

On-hold telephone usage.

One Location

Unlimited Locations

Distributing music 'as is' - i.e. not synchronized with pictures or a product that you have added yourself. Adding lyrics or editing to create new work with different title.



The copyright to all Purple Planet music always remains with us,, regardless of what you use it for or what type of licence it is used under. 

All our music is written, performed and produced exclusively by us, You cannot state that you own our music, or that anyone else owns it, or that you or anyone else has the rights to use it, or that you composed it and/or performed it. 


You cannot make our music available for download or tell others that they can do so. You cannot resell it in any form, or tell others that they can do so. You cannot redistribute it in any form aside from its part in your production. 

Licensing terms


All the music on the site is licensed under the terms of a Creative Commons Attribution License 3.0.

© 2021 by Purple Planet Music. All rights reserved

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