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Youtube Content ID issues


We are increasingly having problems with 3rd parties entering our music into Content ID, usually accidentally, though occasionally, maliciously. When this happens, users get bogus claims on their youtube videos, which are a pain to remove.


We are trialling entering our music into ‘soft’ Content ID, where we can identify it’s use and prevent others from entering it. If you credit us, and/or are on our cleared list (please check here to see if your channel is on it), you won’t receive a Match from us. Even if you do, it just says that we permit the music use. It is only of consequence if your channel is monetised. In the unlikely event that your monetised channel receives a match, please Contact Us.


It is our aim to clear all channels that regularly use our music – that should prevent you from getting claims from dubious claims from 3rd parties or benign matches from us. If you would like your channel cleared, please contact us with your youtube URL.


This info only apples to youtube. Other platforms are not affected.

If you have received a Content ID match on a youtube video, please do not delete your video!

Send us the URL of the effected video and any further info and we will try and resolve it within 24 hours. Thanks.

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