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Alternately jovial and yearning xylophone and synth melodies evoke nostalgia for childhood play. Tempo: 90bpm.

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Magical chimes with soft acoustic guitar licks provide a creative background for your makeup and beauty projects. Tempo: 140bpm

An enchanting Christmas track featuring festive bells and strings, creating a sense of magic, excitement and wonder.

Tempo: 170bpm.

Uplifting melody played on glockenspiel, synth and guitar skips over plucked mandolins and skittering drums.

Tempo: 140bpm

A delicate, sweet music box melody over a subtle backing creates a warm, pleasant atmosphere. Tempo: 120bpm.

Mystical elvish voices swirl around enchanting melodies played on traditional  acoustic instruments. Tempo: 100bpm

Nursery rhyme-style piece featuring playful harp

underscored by pizzicato strings and piano with oboe counter-melodies. Tempo: 132bpm

Joyful xylophone and marimba melodies create a happy, bouncy children's theme featuring many uplifting elements. Tempo: 180bpm

Bubbling keyboards and guitar arpeggios evoke a playful scene. Tempo: 85bpm.

Adorable, charming, delightful


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