p u r p l e  p l a n e t

m u s i c

Ecstatic house track featuring krakatoa kick, bangin' beats, bulging bass and trance-y tunes. Sick! Tempo: 130bpm

Classic-sounding 1970s funk romp driven along by soaring horn crescendos, brass stabs and incessant clavinets.

Tempo: 85bpm

Full-on contemporary dance-orientated number  

featuring heavy beat and acid electronic backing. Many climaxes! Tempo: 130bpm

Infectious Latin dance number. Riotous bass licks,

electric piano, lead guitar  and manic percussion.  

Tempo: 120bpm


Get down with your bad self! Music to shake your booty

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Contemporary trance meets disco

fever in this transgenerational

mash-up. Useful for fashion,

makeovers, and all things groovy. Tempo: 140bpm.

Brutal beat and bulky bass are

the foundation for a dubstep frenzy featuring synths, wailing guitar and

FX jitters and glitches.

Tempo: 140bpm

Energetic trance featuring

choppy rhythm guitar and

euphoric synth melodies, building

to a massive climax.

Tempo: 130bpm.

Massive 90s-style beats and

funky bass with epic guitar chords

and a zany synth theme create a delirious dancefloor groove.

Tempo: 110bpm.

Screen Shot 2016-10-07 at 11.03.42

Snaking synth slithers over dynamic beats and brisk bass.  Piano and white noise breakdowns complete the retro vibe.  

Tempo: 130bpm.

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