p u r p l e  p l a n e t

m u s i c

As the tension mounts, military drum rolls punctuate building strings and French Horn melodies.

Tempo: 60bpm

Epic atmosphere evoked by

ominous staccato strings and

climactic violin passages over

hammering tympani, horns and tuba. Tempo: 150bpm.

A sense of panic engulfs you as you are surrounded by tremolo strings and Psycho-style violin breaks. Tempo: 80bpm


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Sweeping French horn melody

backed by regal strings creates

an epic theme perfect for bold

statements. Tempo: 100bpm


Dominant pounding drums

overlaid with symphonic strings

create a warlike theme suitable

for tension builds and dramatic

scenes. Tempo: 120bpm

Big, fiery and bold; perfect for all manner of on-screen histrionics

Heavy drum beats combined with

dark, epic strings accompany an

intense war buildup scene.

Tempo: 120bpm

Emotional, epic soundscape with

piano, deep strings and emphatic

toms underpinning yearning vocals

and impassioned electric guitar.

Tempo: 130bpm

See-saw staccato strings with

percussion punctuations back a

sweeping  string score suggesting impending doom. Tempo: 100bpm.  

Screen Shot 2016-10-07 at 11.03.42

Cinematic strings with pounding drums

and horns create an emphatic action

build-up theme containing many

climactic moments. Tempo: 130bpm.  

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