p u r p l e  p l a n e t

m u s i c

Happy holidays in France are evoked by a joyful accordion melody over a jazzy backing featuring fiddle and vibes. Tempo 120bpm

Languid panpipes glide over an azure river of tinkling piano and lush synth backgrounds, with plucked punctuations.

Tempo: 100bpm

Stately sitars, tablas and dilruba accompany the Indian dancers’ graceful moves. Tempo: 115bpm

Olé! Spanish-style acoustic guitar strumming and manic clapping rhythms underpin a rousing theme on guitar, violin and more. Tempo: 110bpm

An array of plucked Middle Eastern instruments and an exotic flute melody transport

you to faraway lands.  

Tempo: 85bpm

Tribesmen sing and dance to joyous flute and guitar melodies, accompanied by indigenous percussion instruments.

Tempo: 180bpm


The global village comes to town

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The mysteries of the Far East are uncovered by skeletal plucked melodies played by a variety of exotic  ambient instruments. Tempo: 120bpm

Traditional-sounding Russian jig featuring accordian, percussion and an exotic balalaika melody. Tempo: 120bpm

Far Eastern instruments including

Koto, Shamisen, gongs and

percussion create a traditional

Oriental atmosphere.

Tempo: 90bpm



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