p u r p l e  p l a n e t

m u s i c

The sun sets over the desert

while lush steel and acoustic

guitars languidly pick their way through the scenery.

Tempo: 90bpm

A slow, flowing plucked melody wends its way over a wistful chord progression.

Tempo: 160bpm


From quiet contemplation to sorrow

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Yearning piano and echoed guitar drift through the years, carried on a bed of silken synths. Tempo: 120bpm.

Ethereal piano over soft organic

washes suggests emotional

drama or contemplative affair.

Tempo: 110 bpm

Gentle electric piano and flute

alternate with yearning lead guitar passages to create a reflective

mood. Tempo: 110bpm

Slow mournful strings and oboe

drift beneath sultry piano notes

offering a sense of regret and contemplation.

Tempo: 120bpm

A slow French horn melody

over gradually building chords

and drum fills  provides an inspiring theme suitable for corporate use.

Tempo: 120bpm.

A meditative track featuring lush

choral passages and solemn strings

over picked acoustic guitar and

piano. Tempo: 110bpm.

Screen Shot 2016-10-07 at 11.03.42

Slow strings and piano accmpany

solo oboe to create a delicate,

sensual melody useful for bringing

out emotion or sadness.

Tempo: 80bpm

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