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Uplifting synth chords, guitar melodies and vocals over a vibrant beat create a modern, inspiring theme. Tempo: 120bpm.

A life-loving, lilting glockenspiel

melody skips over a jaunty beat

featuring strummed guitar and

ukulele, and more guitars!

Tempo: 140bpm.

This whistled ear-worm melody will stick in your mind and won't let go! Playful 4-bar jazzy backing ramps up the fun to giggly ecstasy. Tempo: 180bpm

Bright, feel-good glockenspiel and zany synth melodies combine with an exciting rhythm track designed to lift you up! Tempo: 160bpm


Bouncy bass and positive percussion undercore an uplifting guitar and glockenspiel melody. Tempo: 130bpm


Cheerful melody bounces

along to strummed acoustic

guitar and a simple rhythm to

create a vibrant, uplifting mood.

Tempo: 160bpm.

Breezy melody on glockenspiel and marimba and some fancy footwork on ukelele, synth and piano over a perky rhythm. Tempo: 150bpm.

Happy tunes to make you feel great!


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Feels great to listen to this carefree whistled melody over a down-home backing featuring acoustic guitar, piano and banjo  Tempo: 180bpm.

You can't help but smile as a lighthearted, slightly wistful melody

on staccato strings and xylophone suggests happy moments.

Tempo: 140bpm