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You are welcome to use all the music in our free download collection (in the top categories on our homepage) for a variety of projects - please see below.


We simply ask that you credit us as follows:






If you upload to YouTube, please add our credit precisely as above in the text describing your video. It is very important that it is in this form with no variation, as software picks it up and you will be ok for copyright.


On all other platforms, the style of the credit is not so vital.


You are welcome to change a piece’s length or edit it in any way you wish to fit your project, as long as we are credited.












The copyright to all Purple Planet music always remains with us,, regardless of what you use it for or what type of licence it is used under.


All our music is written, performed and produced exclusively by us, You cannot state that you own our music, or that anyone else owns it, or that you or anyone else has the rights to use it, or that you composed it and/or performed it.


You cannot make our music available for download or tell others that they can do so. You cannot resell it in any form, or tell others that they can do so. You cannot redistribute it in any form aside from its part in your production.










Licensing terms


All the music on the site is licensed under the terms of a Creative Commons Attribution License 3.0. Click here for the overview and here for the full terms (or click "the Legal Code (the full license)" link at the foot of the overview page).  







You can use our music for free (if you credit us) for:


YouTube, vimeo and similar video sharing sites.


These can be commercial and it’s ok if your content is monetized.




Use in schools and universities for projects.


Facebook and similar social networking sites


Films that you distribute yourself, or which you make for personal use, e.g. wedding videos


We do not make a distinction between commercial and non-commercial use. If you are promoting your business, that's fine, please simply credit us.





Using Our Free Music