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You may play a piece without restriction in a single location such as beauty salon, spa or small attraction. You may use the piece in a single media project such as an online video or DVD promoting your business, but not within a physical or downloadable product that you sell.


In addition to the Standard Licence, you may play the piece in a single location of any size, e.g A large spa facility, an aquarium or shopping center. You may synchronize the music to pictures or game-play and sell the resulting product in quantities of fewer than 5,000 - whether it be physical (e.g a DVD) or downloadable. You may use the music in a radio or TV broadcast in a single country.


In addition to all the other licences, you may integrate the track into a product that has an unlimited manufacture run or can be downloaded on more than 5,000 occasions. You may play the track in multiple locations with an unlimited audience - e.g a series of shopping centers or attractions. You may broadcast the track in an unlimited number of countries. Personalized written licences can be obtained on request following purchase. In all cases, copyright is owned by us, Purple Planet Music. The user may not resell the music "as is" i.e without synchronization to pictures or incorporation into a separate product.

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